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Abby Reinke rocks!!

We’re so excited to show you everything we’ve got planned. The only thing to make it better? YOU.

We're kind of almost mostly back to normal a bit

Last year we worked around the various covid regulations and overcame hurdles to do what PTA does best: Focusing on the kids Abby Reinke. 

Working within those regulations, we had our Winterland event, Graze & Paints, Wow!Wednesdays, Book Fair, Read A Thon, STEAM Nights—and this year we’ve got even MORE planned! Welcome to the year of amazing. 

We need volunteers, money, and ideas.
That's where you come in.

You want activities? Done.

This year, we're starting out with the Turkey Trot, and we're bringing Winterland back. We've got a fall Book Fair, a Spring Book Fair, a golf fundraiser, Popcorn/Popsicle Fridays, Read-A-Thon, Class Photos, the Wolf Store, monthly Wow!Wednesdays, Yoga Club, Pack Trackers Running Club, Garden Club, Science Fair, STEAM Nights, Innovation Nights, Multi Cultural Nights, the School Cookbook, Coding Club, Art Shows, and more.

Parents are the Life-blood

Last year's PTA started with 3 members, and grew to 5 core people, with about 15 volunteers. This year we're at about 15 core members, and even more volunteers!

This wouldn't have been possible without parents donating time and energy—so THANK YOU. We need even more, and it's a great way to meet people and get involved with Abby Reinke.

running club is back at Abby Reinke

Pack Trackers

Registration ended

Running club registration is closed, and only open for new students. Please email Amber Flores at for more info. 

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Interactive Science Experience

STEAM Night!

April 12th at 6pm until 7:30pm

FREE. Your entire family is welcome!

This is our first STEAM night, and the theme is “Science Behind the Magic”. We also need 24 parent volunteers so if you can volunteer, please get a parent volunteer ticket and a member of the PTA will reach out.

2022-2023 Spirit Wear

We're going retro

Last year, the entire world had inventory problems—some of you didn’t even get the shirt you ordered. Those that did, waited months. Don’t worry, we fixed it.

Our shirts will be here by the end of October and will immediately go on sale. If you didn’t get your order last year, just send us an email at, and we’ll make it right.

You can get a refund, or this year’s shirt. Shirts are just for kids, and they’re $30 each. 

What kind of programs & events does the PTA do?

Movie’s after school? That’s the PTA. Class Hero's? You guessed it—PTA. Candy Sales ? Yup. PTA.

Book Fairs, Harvest Festivals, Spring Flings, Talent Shows, Fun Runs, Scholarships—also the PTA. Did you know there's a garden on campus as well? PTA.

A better question may be what DOESN'T the PTA do.

How can I get involved?

Email us! Use a form on this site! Tell the front desk you want to be involved! Tell a Class Hero. Our email is

You can start with committing to some time, telling us what special skills you may have, and/or donating some money to support the programs & events. We'll have virtual and in-person meetings at times that work for busy parents.

Membership lets you vote on things discussed at the meetings if you choose to attend.

Even if you can't volunteer, you can still help

Today is the Day, donate to Your PTA

We need parents to volunteer

Got a few hours a week? Awesome! You’ve been hand-selected to help. Any amount of time that you can commit to—we’ll take it. All of the great ideas we’ve got are powered by parents’ time. And if you can only do 15 minutes a day after the kids go to sleep, we’ll take that too.

We want to know your talents

We have a school filled with not only amazing children, but talented parents as well. Tell us what you can do! Do you own a business or have a service? Are you a graphic designer? Project manager? Set decorator, fashion designer, event planner, photographer, dog trainer, ANYTHING. We’d love to get qualified people to help fill certain needs.

We want to know your next great idea

We’ve got a vision of making the 2021-2022 school year one filled with magical memories. To do that, we’re starting from scratch, working with the principal to help further her vision, and we’d love your input. Want to make your child’s school year amazing? Let’s make it happen. Together.

Meetings vs Volunteering

At meetings, you can vote on initiatives, but you can still help without setting foot in a single meeting. Just let us know that you’re able to donate, and we’ll coordinate that time around YOUR schedule. It’s also totally valid to become a member without going to a meeting.

The Fine Print

We're not political, so we don't get involved in any of the politics. What we ARE though, is inclusive. If you know someone, or are someone who wants to get your child involved in something that costs money but can't afford it, send an email to We're not perfect, but we want your children to have an amazing year.

Parents & Teachers. working together.

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Time to Give

Our main goal as the PTA is to directly benefit the kids at Abby Reinke. Your donations mean a lot!

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Tax Deductible Donation

Your tax deductible donation can be managed at the Donation Management link that is on the bottom of every page. The kids at Abby Reinke thank you!!

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Parents & People Needed

Share a Skill!

Tell us what you’re good at! Event planning/coordinating, computer skills, general idea person, bookkeeping, teaching, etc. Knowing what our parents can do REALLY helps us plan.

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Parents & People needed