Creepy Crawlies

Electricity Is In The Air!

The Electric Wizard will teach us all about electricity with real life demonstrations that will light up your world!

This is an in-person event, and although parents can come on campus and see the event too, it’s not necessary! Kinder thru 1st graders will be directed to the garden when the bell rings—older kids will be told to meet at the MPR. Volunteers will check in your children and pick up will be at 2:30 outside the office.

Marionette Show

An amazing marionette show will be performed for the children at Abby Reinke. This is a professional puppeteer who is actually on-stage the entire time, but seems to disappear in the background because of the movements of the puppets and the story.

Wild Animal Show 2

This is the second Wild Animal show of the year! This time the folks from Wild Wonders will be bringing a Great Horned Owl, Possum, and more!

Crazy About Chemistry!

Abby Reinke PTA is proud to present our newest Wow! Wednesday special, “Crazy About Chemistry”! A professional chemist will come show the students different (safe) chemistry experiments and physics magic!