Thanks for your interest! But first... a little housekeeping.

Thank you for wanting to join the Abby Reinke PTA! Because of all the layers the PTA has, we get about $3.75 from every $10 membership.  So… we definitely can still use donations. Abby Reinke depends on the PTA to help accomplish their goals—that means money. While Title 1 schools get a lot of money, we… do not. 

Option #1

If you are wanting to take advantage of the limited time discount for joining PTA, just add the PTA Membership to your cart and checkout right now. You’ll get your membership details within the week.

Option #2

If you just want to join the PTA, haven’t bought a membership on this site, and aren’t looking to get a discount on Spirit Wear, you can join by clicking the Join Totem button. You’ll get your membership details immediately.

It costs $10 to be a member of the Abby Reinke PTA

For a limited time, you can get a $15 discount on spirit wear just by joining the PTA and committing to 2 hours per month to help out. We’ll work around your schedule—and honestly? There will be months that you won’t have to do much, if anything.